Steve Case, co-founder of AOL (America Online), stopped in Atlanta, Georgia during his Rise of the Rest tour in 2015.  He arrived at the offices of the co-working space where I was busy building my first tech startup.  There were hundreds of people anticipating his arrival and I thought I might receive the honor to shake his hand as he toured the facilities.  However, minutes after starting a meeting with my team members, I was surprisingly interrupted and asked to pitch my company to him in the large conference room.  As an experienced professional, I am always prepared to speak, pitch, and influence at a moment's notice and those skills were put to use as I completed an impromptu 3-minute pitch and answered questions he had about my educational background, the genesis for the business, and how I had accomplished so much in such a short amount of time.  It was an honor to be posted on his website as one of the highlights of his trip to Atlanta.   

"Impressive!  How'd you come up with that idea?" ~ Steve Case

"Keep up the good work.  It took me 10 years to make AOL the success it's known as today.  Keep going." ~Steve Case

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A popular Atlanta area blogger, Yalanda P. Lattimore ( was a member of the audience and kind enough to record the event.  This video has been edited to start at the part where I am asked to come forward to pitch to Steve Case.